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Who are we

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Art'Passion Arnolphien is a non-profit law 1901 association.


It was born in 2012 from the passion for contemporary art of Christian Dupèbe, its president, and active members, most of whom had been present since the creation of the Salon d'Art du Colombier in 1995 at the request of Michel Dobremelle, mayor of Saint- Arnoult-en-Yvelines.


It organizes this Contemporary Art Fair in conjunction with the municipality of Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, an event that has become over the years a classic awaited by artists and an ever-growing public.


This exhibition welcomes lovers of painting and sculpture who come well beyond the borders of Ile de France.

Artists find a place to meet and exchange with the public, where their works are showcased by volunteers who are all concerned with promoting art.


In order to make artistic practices accessible to as many people as possible, Art' Passion Arnolphien also organizes artistic and cultural events, during “Jardin en fête” at the Maison Triolet-Aragon, and during European Heritage Days.

Art'Passion Arnolphien needs your support to achieve its goals.

Board of Directors:

  • Henri FOURGOUS, President

  • Richard VINSOT, vice-president

  • Jean-Pierre CHABRIER, assistant secretary

  • Annick VINSOT, treasurer

  • Colette CYVOCT, assistant treasurer

  • Marie-Noelle BERTHOMIER

  • Leonie BUI QUANG BA

  • Françoise CAMUS

  • Alain VIDRIL


Communications officer: Stéphanie VINSOT

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