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Robert NOEL

Art Brut

Robert NOEL

1, impasse Chanterie – 95690 LABBEVILLE

In a few words...

Born in 1946 in Rampillon, a place called La Madeleine (Seine et Marne), he lives and works in Labbeville in the Vexin, where he was a rural warden for 22 years. He is currently retired.

Self-taught, since the age of 25 he has been sculpting totems as well as small characters and animals, mainly in wood and also in stone. He is interested in archeology and more particularly in the Inca, Maya and Celtic civilizations. His mythological universe in communion with nature is expressed through sections of wood of all sizes and of various species.

Listed ten years ago as a primitive naive sculptor, he considers himself more of an artist of Celtic art, a form of art brut which corresponds more truly to his vision of life.

“I have lots of sculptures there [in my head]”. “As soon as the image is there, it comes out. »

These words of Robert Noël echo those of Jean Dubuffet in 1974: "What I have always referred to under the name of 'art brut' is creation in its raw state […], uninhibited […] by cultural norms. In short, it is art beyond the norm. »

His first exhibition took place in 1973 with Bernard Vercruyce, at the Cultural Center of Cergy-Pontoise.

He has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in France, Canada and Belgium. His works are notably present:

  • Anatole JAKOVSKY International Naive Art Museum (Nice)

  • Halle Saint-Pierre – art brut, singular art, outsider art and pop culture (Paris)

  • International art gallery (Lasne, Belgium)

  • Museum of Fine Arts (Sherbrook, Quebec, Canada)

In a few pictures...

Some references...

Individual and collective exhibitions:

  • 1981, Sin Paora Gallery, Paris

  • 1983, Ekoi Gallery, Lyon

  • 1984, The window seen by naive painters, Galerie Antoinette, Paris

  • 1990-1996, Salon de Pontoise, Salon d'Osny, Salon d'Auvers-sur-Oise

  • Since 1997, Château de Menetou, Couture (Cher)

  • 2019, Villa Daumier, Valmondois


  • Naive art museum of Ile-de-France, Vicq

  • Charles-Francois Daubigny Museum, Auvers-sur-Oise

Biography of Robert NOEL

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